9.The Simplest Online Memex Worfklow

Folks, this is the simplest publishing option yet. You use a combination of a plugin for obsidian with a free account on https://mixa.site.

  1. In obsidian, go to community plugins -> browse.
    1. Search for 'mixa'.
    2. Install that.
    3. Enable it.
    4. Have its settings look like this 

Pasted image 20230323144316.png

See that secret token business?

  1. Go to https://mixa.site/ and click login. We're going to use the free tier of service, do not purchase anything. When you click login, it'll want an email address; give it something (not carleton) and then check for that email.

    1. Click on the link in the email.
    2. On the page that opens, there'll be a big button for 'generate' - hit that. Copy the long string that is generated, and put it in the mixa settings in obsidian where it says Enter your secret token (see the screenshot above).
    3. 'Site Folder' is that placeholder folder in your vault where you should tuck things away you want to put online - /website if you're using the demo vault I gave you. remember the /.
  2. Then, rename your index note in your 'website' folder to home.

  3. Hit 'publish'. In a few moments, your memex should be online. 

Here's a quick demo of what that might look like https://sg-memexhist1900.mixa.site/home

Then, anytime you make any changes to notes in your website folder, you can hit the mixa icon in obsidian - the little paper airplane icon - and your changes will be pushed online. Ta da!

protip if you have projects:[](<#>) in any of your notes, that seems to kill the note, for mixa, so I'd remove that from any templates or notes you're using.