Help with the technical aspects of this course can be found here.

You might want to start with getting Zotero set up on your machine. Also, I have preconfigured an Obsidian vault with some useful plugins to get you started.

Then, try setting up Obsidian and Github so you can build a nice looking website from your notes. Alternatively, you might want to keep this material private, so follow these alternative instructions.

If you've never written anything using markdown conventions before, worry not; here's a quick primer.

You will receive an invited to a Discord server set up for this course. It is a place for you to socialize, to ask for help, to share resources, to collaborate. I like Discord for my student hours because I share audio and video and my desktop with you easily, and you can do the same as well. Our TAs will be present and active in Discord as well. There is a code of conduct to agree to in order to use our Discord. It is a privilege, not a right, to have a Discord server; anyone abusing that privilege will be banned.

More help will be posted here as needs emerge.