3.Making Material Available Online Using a Private Repository

While it is cool to be able to manage and build a website from within Obsidian (see these instructions), that approach requires a public repository that anyone might find.

There can be good reasons to want to not do that. If those apply to you, you don't need to tell me why. Here is a simple alternative setup:

  1. make a new repo on github
  2. set it to private
  3. initialize it with a readme
  4. add shawngraham as a collaborator
  5. in Obsidian, go to settings -> files and links -> and turn off wikilinks (this means you'll have to use standard markdown links, eg [display text](file) to link things.)
  6. use windows explorer or mac finder to locate your notes created using Obsidian. They will have the .md file extension. You can also right-click on a note name in the Obsidian side bar, and select reveal in finder to find the actual text file for your note. Drag and drop your .md files onto your private repository to upload them. Commit your changes.