This course runs in the Winter term, 2018. Not a student at Carleton U? Why not follow along!

This class meets M and W, 11.35-12.55, SA304.

If you’re not a Carleton U student, but interested in this course material nevertheless, please do feel free to follow along and to engage in your own adventure in critical making on your own blog. Ping us with updates so we can learn with you!

The exact schedule is subject to modification as needs arise.

Things you need to do before the first meeting of the term

Weekly Pattern

Most weeks will begin with me setting the scene, discussing the major issues, and making suggestions for what you need to pay attention to in the readings. The second session each week will begin with what I am calling ‘entry tickets’, a quick piece of writing that you need to hand in to get the discussion going. These should be done before class. An entry ticket is merely one or two lines where you transcribe one sentence or quote from the reading or one of your fellow student’s annotations that really caught your attention (for whatever reason!). These entry tickets will form the basis for our discussion (and they can also be put into your open notebooks).


Getting Started

Jan 8 - The Big Ticket Issues, or, What is this course about and how will it work?

Jan 10 - entry ticket based on the readings listed under Core Concepts

Module 1


Module 1 Work Due by Midnight Feb 04

Module 2

Also, see Tara Copplestone on Photobashing

Also The Life of Attributes

fyi Scan the World

Feb 19, Feb 21 Reading Week. No Classes.

Module 2 Work Due by Midnight Feb 25

Module 3

Tutorial on getting historical maps into Minecraft. Required software is on the Underhill Research Room computers; I can also make minecraft available to you via our library if you don’t have a copy.



Graham, S. 2014. Pulling Back the Curtain: Writing History Through Video Games. In Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning, ed. Jack Dougherty and Tennyson O’Donnell

Module 3 Work Due by Midnight Mar 18

Module 4

This lecture will be videotaped before hand

students are expected to meet together to help each other with their builds, in this timeslot A tutorial on building AR with Unity is at the Programming Historian; Unity may be downloaded for free, or you can use the version on the computers in the Underhill room.

students are expected to meet together to help each other with their builds, in this timeslot


Module 4 Work Due by Midnight FRIDAY Apr 06 NB the change of day.

Your final piece is due Midnight, Apr 11 although there is the possibility of extension should needs arise

There is no final exam.