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In my open notebook I’ve been thinking of much the same thing in terms of just sound, calling it ‘soundbashing history’. I think I’ll go with ‘Glitch’ right now as a more comprehensive idea.

The way things break is interesting. Consider – when I have students beginning DH work, the terminal or command line is a scary place. Type something wrong, and the screen fills with error messages. Parse those errors correctly, and you learn much. Conversely, do things correct the first time, and you are rewarded with another blinking cursor. Nothing much appears to happen. Breaking things is where learning happens. Breaking things is very nearly the entirety of my academic schtick.
But there’s also a third, more liminal space between something that is broken, and something that works. This third space is what interests me today. You could call it GlitchSpace, or that zone where things break in weird yet still quasi-functioning ways. I think we can learn a lot from Glitch. This project explores the glitch aesthetic and what it does to my historical thinking, as I switch from analog to digital back to analog.